The ICS 'Minipan' Portable Fire Trainer Series

We set out to create a new extinguisher trainer with the core principles of simplicity, low cost, and usability.
After years of development we put the finishing touches on a control system that was readily adaptable to a range of fire trays.


The flagship of the series is the Minipan 144.

This most convenient and most cost-effective trainer in the series weighing only 15kg can be carried by a single person comfortably.
Generating realistic flames, the Minipan 144 fire extinguisher trainer will suit all training needs for water, foam, CO2, powder, and fire blanket use with a high training throughput without causing environmental concerns.


Though we decided to discontinue the previous 'Maxim' model of fire extinguisher trainer,

we understand that some trainers prefer the higher intensity flame that it provided for training.
Matching the Maxim trainer, the Minipan 177 comes with a larger fire pool area and main burner rating than the Minipan 144 while costing significantly less than the Maxim. An additional stage of flame growth can be added if desired, see brochure for details.


The largest tray in the Minipan series that we've constructed so far is the Minipan 31010.

With three stages of main flame growth and a generous fire pool area, the Minipan 31010 can be used as an economical way of training beyond the use of handheld extinguishers.
A larger training area allows for training props to suit desired training needs; choose from a range of props available or request a custom prop at no extra cost.


Download the brochure

Each product in the Minipan Portable Fire Trainer series:

- Incorporates safety shut-down features that operate the instant the instructor's finger is removed from the 'dead man' button.
- Has very high training output at a minimal cost.
- Is state gas authority approved.
- Is environmentally acceptable.
- Uses LPG as the fuel source.
- Is fabricated from quality materials including grade 304 stainless steel.
- Is of rugged fireman proof design.

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