Training Packages

ICS Australia can get your training sessions up and running with a complete start-up package.


An ICS training simulator package is a self contained system

with everything you'll need to start training, or continue your current training with a fresh setup.
Working with us would mean cost-effective and rapid training on a simulator that gives your business a respectable reputation.


Operators would see:

Simple pushbutton controls functioning wirelessly at a comfortable distance, with clear indicators that their input commands are recieved by the simulator.
Flames that grow and recede as desired that cannot be extinguished until the operator is satisfied with trainee performance.
Rapid setup and dismantling of components to remove the hassles surrounding training days.


Trainees would see:

Realistic flames originating from within props that recede as they extinguish them properly.
Operable doors, lids, or hatches required to be used to complete training as necessary.


Owners can expect:

Props made to withstand heat and mechanical forces for a long service life (some ICS simulator props are still being used after 20 years of continuous use).
High training throughput - scenario resets can be as fast as a button push.
A training package made to suit your intended training with consultancy and regular progress updates from ICS.
Low starting costs.
Low running costs and easy cleanup after training.
Ability to transport the simulator equipment either for storage or training relocation at will.
State gas authority approved and Australian made equipment using AGA approved components.

Each product:

- Incorporates safety shut-down features that operate the instant the instructor's finger is removed from the 'dead man' button.
- Has very high training output at a minimal cost.
- Is state gas authority approved.
- Is environmentally acceptable.
- Uses LPG as the fuel source.
- Is of rugged fireman proof design.

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